Flow'in Chaos

Salzburg, Austria
22-24 september 2017
with Willemijn de Dreu

Flowing brings us back in our grounded, earthy body. It allows us to trust the wisdom of your feet. For a long time our ancestors travelled only by foot. Therefore feet are a very developed body part if it comes to finding a way through chaotic crazy times. They have the wisdom of knowing when to run, slink, stop, without understanding the 'logic' of it.
Chaos is our teacher when it comes to letting go, bringing our mind into our feet, shaking off limited thoughts and patterns in order to open up for our intuition.

It's easy to freeze, or become overwhelmed with the amount of imprints, feelings, thoughts and changes that we're facing every day. And then it's difficult to keep moving in alignment with your own desires, dreams and mission.
The heartbeat map this weekend allows us to move with fear instead of freezing. It gives us the courage to trust and follow, without the need to control, fix, or plan. Beyond the 'functioning', into space, freedom, and connection with the richness of life in the present moment.

In our time together we dance waves and heartbeats of the 5Rhythms; 'a dynamic and expressive movement practise'. Each of the Rhythms has a different gift to offer, this seminar we will look into the landscape of Chaos. Beside dance we will do shamanic healing work.

More info & registration: Lisa Moser: lisa.moser@danceworks.at
Hours: friday open Wave: 19.00 - 21.30. Saturday 10.30 - 17.30 Sunday 10.30 - 16.30



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