The five rhythms

Developed by Gabrielle Roth, 5 RHYTHMS DANCE is an dynamic and expressive movement practise. It is an healing meditation for body, heart and mind.

The five rhythms are; flowing staccato chaos lyrical stillness. Together they form a 'Wave' of movement and energy. Each of the rhythms holds many opportunities to become more aware of who you are and how great your potential is. Dancing the five rhythms expand your freedom of movement.

What happens on the dance floor

The beginning is to listen to your body. Often we are very busy with our heads. The dance floor is than a wonderful place to empty your head and sink into the sensation of your breathing, moving body. This takes time, as every meditation, so give yourself time.

Sometimes you dance alone, sometimes with one or more partners. This is exciting, inspiring, confronting, frustrating, challenging, and freeing. The invitation is to stay present and fluid in the dance of the moment and in the experience.

You're welcome to dance your dance.
Dancing the 5 rhythms is open to everyone who wants to move and be moved.

                                                               'If You don't do your dance, who will?'
                                                         Gabrielle Roth



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